About SCL

Phthalate Free Systems

To meet current market requirements on the use of phthalates, SCL announces the availability of a range of phthalate-free formulations to mirror its current range of products. This range is attractive to end users who are working within food, toy and medical areas.

New volume capacity to supply all sizes of order

Our investment in new machinery has now given SCL the ability to produce bespoke products in any volume from 200kg to road tanker quantities. All materials can be shipped to the end customer vacuumed and air-free to provide a bubble free coating.

Material sourcing

With our extensive raw material purchasing and product knowledge, SCL can assist customers in sourcing raw materials for the PVC and associated markets.

SCL remains the leading worldwide organisation in the provision of Plastisols and PVC coatings for the wallcovering industry. We are now also applying our expertise and plastisol products to coatings for other markets such as floor coverings, digital print, conveyor belting, marine applications and rotational moulding.


Speciality Coatings is staffed by a hard working and totally committed team, widely experienced in the culture of the wallcoverings industry. With around 50 people in the Group, Speciality Coatings aims to continually improve skills through training programmes and Focused Working Groups and follows a policy of best practice.

Group Structure

Today, the wallcoverings business is a global industry and SCL is positioned to support that industry throughout the world. Headquartered in the UK, Speciality Coatings has production facilities in Kaliningrad and China and associates, partners and agents around the world.